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Pewter Casting

Pewter has always been a versatile metal that can be used for many jewelry items and also things like belt buckles, key ring fobs and charms. Pewter can be oxidized to provide a metal look similar to silver castings. Your imagination is often the limit to what can be done with pewter casting.

Pewter Casting uses a method of casting called "Spin Casting". Unlike lost wax casting, there is no initial wax mold injection, plaster investment or 12 hour burn-out cycle before casting. With spin casting, the metal is heated and poured directly into a high temperature rubber mold that is spinning at high a rpm.

Making molds for Pewter Casting requires metal models. Pewter molds are generally 9" in diameter and the molds can accommodate anywhere form 1, up to 20 or more models.

At Ace Castings, we can take a single wax, plastic or metal model, create duplicates in brass with the Lost Wax Casting process and then make your Pewter Casting mold for your designs.

Pewter belt buckles, Pewter charms, Pewter jewelry and industrial or hobby items all can be cast in Pewter at a fraction of the cost of brass or silver castings.







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